Where is the piercing done?
A Dydoe is done at the penis. To be exactly: Through the ridge of the glans (Corona).
Usually Dydoes are worn at both sides ( „10.30 and 1.30 o’clock“) or a single one right at the middle.

What are the conditions / risks / side effects?
1. The owner of this piercing should be circumcised. The foreskin can push and pinch on the pierced area and deteriorate the healing process. Besides that it would be a unconfortable feeling.
2. A dydoe increases the sensibility of the Glans.
3. The piercing can only be made when the Corona is well developed.
4. Healing times can be up to three months
5. Dydoes tend to grow out. 🙁

What kind of jewelry is used?
Diameter of the jewelry is 1,6 mm (14 ga); preferred with (curved) barbells which don’t move – in opposite to CBRs.
First piercings are usually done with non-colored Titanium.
The length of the barbells depends on the anatomy and is set individually.

Can there be complications?
In opposite to Ampallangs and Apadravyas a Dydoe is made far away from Erectile tissue, so the risk of bleedings or loss of the erections is very low.

How high was the ‚ouch‚-factor?
The piecing procedure itself was nearly not to notice; I would compare it to an unpleasant scratching. (Scratch with a fingernail on your skin when i.e. your arm is numb to feel how it was.)
Only when the needle got out on the other side there was a short really unconfortable itching. Also inserting the jewelry was quite uncomfortable. But men can survive it (I think)